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Quality Solutions, Quality Services
We are a software engineering team specializing in web technologies as well as ERP / OLTP and OLAP.

1. We are here to help you build your Internet presence from A to Z
Our designers know how to expose your vision about your products and services to the world.
Whether you need a simple web page or a sophisticated e-Commerce solution, we can help you achieve your goal in a cost-effective manner.
We'll work with you until you get the web site that you want.

2. Turn-Key Software Solutions:
CostCentersPlus - Your Complete Solution for Cost Analysis and Control
Get the features of enterprise strength financial analysis software without incurring the expense of a large business solution!
Browse online presentation (release 2.0B)
Download presentation for release 2.0B in .pps format
Download ScreenCam demo for release 2.0B (ScreenCam Player included)
Based on experience developing financial analysis software for major corporate clients, CostCentersPlus enables you to:
analyze cost center efficiencies and determine where to focus cost reduction efforts for greatest profit improvements;
track expenses against budget, identify variances and provide early warnings to department leaders / individuals with budget accountability;
analyze overhead and functional expenses, identify trends and synthesize findings into actionable cost reduction suggestions and recommendations to Senior Management;
prepare cost forecasts for liquidity planning;
prepare detailed cost budgets - at department level, business unit level, any combination of cost center (group) and cost element (group);
CostCentersPlus provides the ability to:
start with a high level inspection of costs, then drill down, or start at a lower level and drill up using cost center and cost element hierarchies that you are already familiar with from working with your ERP solution. Both the cost center and cost element hierarchies are expandable and collapsible independently of each other, allowing you to determine the depth of detail desired;
perform flexible variance analyses and period-over-period comparisons using dynamic report layouts;
generate meaningful ratio calculations (actual figures prorated to actual+planned) as well as intuitive dashboard indicators for ratios, and top-down bar charts for variances (hot-linked for instant drill-down);
break down your analyses by debit and credit;
CostCentersPlus is available in your currency of choice.
the database software is free of charge, courtesy of Oracle Corporation

3. Our Domain Expertise:
Complex Database Driven Business Solutions
Application Integration
Seamless Custom Extensions for ERP Business Processes
Industry Specific Expertise in Banking, Publishing, Retail and Pharma
Database Technologies:
  • Oracle, MySQL
  • Web Technologies:
  • Oracle Application Express (HTML DB), PHP
  • Browser Technologies:
  • HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Business Intelligence:
  • Data Warehouse Solutions, OLAP, Data Mining

  • 4. Services We Provide:
    Web Application Development
    Web Hosting For Your Internet Presence
    ERP Consulting
    Software Development Outsourcing
    Complete System Development
    New Software Development
    Software Upgrade
    Legacy Applications Rewriting
    Software Development Diagnosis
    Software Lifecycle Analysis
    Programming Services in Oracle PL/SQL, PHP/MySQL
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